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How To: Read Primavera PMXML files

Primavera P6 can export data in an XML format known as PMXML.

Reading PMXML files

The simplest way to read a PMXML file is to use the UniversalProjectReader:

import net.sf.mpxj.ProjectFile;
import net.sf.mpxj.reader.UniversalProjectReader;


UniversalProjectReader reader = new UniversalProjectReader();
ProjectFile project ="my-sample.xml");

Using PrimaveraPMFileReader

You can work directly with the PrimaveraPMFileReader by replacing UniversalProjectReader with PrimaveraPMFileReader. This provides access to additional options, as described below.

WBS is Full Path

Currently the WBS attribute of summary tasks (WBS entities in P6) will be a dot separated hierarchy of all of the parent WBS attributes. In this example, root.wbs1.wbs2 is the WBS attribute for wbs2 which has the parents root and wbs1. To disabled this behaviour, and simply record the code for the current WBS entry (in the example above wbs2) call the setWbsIsFullPath method, passing in false, as illustrated below.

import net.sf.mpxj.ProjectFile;
import net.sf.mpxj.primavera.PrimaveraPMFileReader;


PrimaveraPMFileReader reader = new PrimaveraPMFileReader();