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How To: Read Schedule Grid files

Schedule grid files are produced when a schedule is exported from Sage 100 Contractor.

Reading Schedule Grid files

The simplest way to read a schedule grid file is to use the UniversalProjectReader:

import net.sf.mpxj.ProjectFile;
import net.sf.mpxj.reader.UniversalProjectReader;

// ...

UniversalProjectReader reader = new UniversalProjectReader();
ProjectFile project ="my-sample.schedule_grid");

Using SageReader

You can work directly with the SageReader class by replacing UniversalProjectReader with SageReader. This provides access to additional options, as described below.

Ignore Errors

By default MPXJ will ignore errors when parsing attributes from a Schedule Grid file. This behavior is controlled using the setIgnoreErrors method. The example below illustrates how we can force the SageReader to report errors encountered when reading a file:

import net.sf.mpxj.ProjectFile;
import net.sf.mpxj.sage.SageReader;

// ...

SageReader reader = new SageReader();

ProjectFile project ="my-sample.schedule_grid");

Note that if errors are ignored when reading a file, the ignored errors are available by using the ProjectFile.getIgnoredErrors() method.