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How To: Write PMXML files

The XML file format supported by Primavera P6 for import and export is known as PMXML.

Writing PMXML files

The sample code below illustrates how to write data to a PMXML file.

import net.sf.mpxj.ProjectFile;
import net.sf.mpxj.writer.FileFormat;
import net.sf.mpxj.writer.UniversalProjectWriter;

// ...

new UniversalProjectWriter(FileFormat.PMXML).write(project, fileName);

Using PrimaveraPMFileWriter

If required, the PrimaveraPMFileWriter class can be used directly, which provides access to additional options, as described below.


By default baselines are not written to PMXML files. If the ProjectFile instance you are writing contains a baseline, this can be included in the PMXML file by calling the setWriteBaselines method as shown below.

import net.sf.mpxj.ProjectFile;
import net.sf.mpxj.primavera.PrimaveraPMFileWriter;

// ...

PrimaveraPMFileWriter writer = new PrimaveraPMFileWriter();
writer.write(projectFile, outputFileName);